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SPECTRUM Education Programme Trenell, Prof. M.
Adults With New-onset Type 1 Diabetes - What Do We Know About Psychosocial Adaptation? Due-Christensen, M.
Management of Complex Therapies in T2 DiabetesSchiel, Prof. R.
Masterclass: 1. Therapeutic Interventions, RehabilitationAerden, Dr. D.
Letís talk about it.... Type 2 Diabetes and the Need to Plan for PregnancyForde, R.
Oral Presentation: The Relıabılıty And Valıdıty Of The Unıversıty Of Vırgınıa Chıld/Teen Low Blood Sugar SurveySahin, S.
Lisbon, Portugal, 09-Sep-17
Lisbon, Portugal, 08-Sep-17
Munich, Germany, 10-Sep-16
Munich, Germany, 09-Sep-16
Stockholm, Sweden, 12-Sep-15
Stockholm, Sweden, 11-Sep-15
Vienna, Austria, 12-Sep-14
Vienna, Austria, 13-Sep-14
Barcelona, Spain, 21-Sep-13
Barcelona, Spain, 20-Sep-13
Berlin, Germany, 29-Sep-12
Berlin, Germany, 28-Sep-12
Lisbon, Portugal, 10-Sep-11
Lisbon, Portugal, 09-Sep-11
Stockholm, Sweden, 20-Sep-10
Stockholm, Sweden, 19-Sep-10

Lectures of the 12th to 21st†Annual Conference†are presented in an audio-visual mode.

The keynote lectures of the Annual Conferences are integrated for continuous medical education.