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Patient Narrative Robinson, J.
Masterclass: Do the Write Thing! (Publish Your Work in Various Media)Forbes, Prof. A.
Empowerment Inspired Intervention for Adolescents on CSII 	Leksell, Assoc. Prof. J.
Diabetes: Immunotherapy and Vaccination Ziegler, Prof. A.-G.
Co-Creation of Wellness: New Models of Interaction Between People Living with Diabetes and Healthcare ProfessionalsWilson, Dr. P.
Oral Presentation: Women With Type 2 Diabetes - The Circuitous Route To Accessing Pre-Pregnancy CareForde, R.
10-Sep-16 , Munich, Germany
09-Sep-16 , Munich, Germany
12-Sep-15 , Stockholm, Sweden
11-Sep-15 , Stockholm, Sweden
12-Sep-14 , Vienna, Austria
13-Sep-14 , Vienna, Austria
21-Sep-13 , Barcelona, Spain
20-Sep-13 , Barcelona, Spain
29-Sep-12 , Berlin, Germany
28-Sep-12 , Berlin, Germany
10-Sep-11 , Lisbon, Portugal
09-Sep-11 , Lisbon, Portugal
20-Sep-10 , Stockholm, Sweden
19-Sep-10 , Stockholm, Sweden

Lectures of the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Annual Conference are presented in an audio-visual mode.

The keynote lectures of the Annual Conferences are integrated for continuous medical education.